1. Challenge
Notpla faced challenges with ingredient branding, realizing its limitations as a distribution model rather than a comprehensive brand strategy. Additionally, the brand encountered industry resistance due to its disruptive position in the market.

2. Idea
To overcome these challenges, Notpla proposed a dual challenger approach. The B2B strategy adopted a "Next Generation" mindset to question market leaders, while the consumer strategy embraced the "People's Champion" archetype, advocating for change. This was accompanied by a dynamic identity architecture that expanded its Mission and vision to include layers above and below, adapting to the changing nature of products and activities.

3. Solution
Notpla's strategy seamlessly integrates two roles: an industry innovator with a Next Generation mindset and a sustainability advocate as the People's Champion. Using the Avenger Model, distinct product lines are recognized as heroes with specific superpowers.
The revised focus of the brand is to restore planetary health by emphasizing regenerative material flows, preventing environmental degradation, and enhancing personal health. Notpla's goal is to make plastic disappear by showcasing its expertise in regenerative material design to replace harmful materials with sustainable alternatives. They achieve this through their Regenerative Packaging Solutions.
The logo and aesthetic universe aim to position Notpla as an innovative, progressive, and premium brand. Algae-infused colour swatches bring vibrancy, inviting an immersive experience while maintaining a warm and calm ambience.

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